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Amanda Hall

Amanda Hall is an independent poet, novelist and cultural critic, whose articles have been featured in The New Individualist.

She has authored two novels related to medical ethics and the connection between happiness and health: Endurance Test and The Legend of the Witness Tree. And her 1200-word prose epic, Beat Keeper, is currently being released in four volumes.

She is currently at work on another prose epic, Singing the Body Inviolate, which synthesizes her research about the connection between happiness and health, food and art.

Amanda is also a full-time practicing poet, and the author of three collections:

Endless Wait for Now: 100 Love Sonnets

The Gift of Life: An Epic in Verse (a narrative cycle of 600 Shakespearean sonnets)

Dahlias for Degas’ Dancers: 100 Nature Sonnets

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Friday, June 29

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